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The Bs went to W5 (4th August 2002)
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OK everybody PULL!

Higher Daddy!


Balancing Sasha

Quick-draw Sahran

Young surfer Mechanics Vroom vroom What colour of wheel? Windy!
Determined It's a race! Hidden Sahran Shopping Oops
Disco Girls Dancing Queen Sasha the Builder Building Busaidys Making Music
Getting Dizzy Geoff likes this Up and up Brilliant How does it work?

The Bs came to Belfast (July/August 2002)
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Charlie Dimmock Mark 2

Left a bit

Bet you won't take a picture of this!

Too big for her boots

Hard at work

Little Miss Mischief

Tina at the Causeway

Hello Tina

Apples for Tina Sasha feeds Tina First to the top! A day trip to Mars Sunny Ireland
Wilma & Sasha Spot the family I'm going to climb that! At the top!! Enjoying the view
Spot the pixies In the hot seat Finn Macool's seat Hello up there Adil & Jenny
Busaidys on top The 3 amigos Big cheer! Sherpa Busaidy I've got a camera!
Our own postcard Climbing again Halfway up Helping hand Going up
The organ pipes Phew! What a view The view Portballintrae sunset
Hello down there! Me? Too many cameras Not another picture Dunluce Castle
The line up Help me! Don't jump! Cute group Whiterock Bay
Admiring the view On the edge Steep... ... on both sides Dunluce semaphore
Yuck! Roly-poly Whee! Hello over there A dinosaur!
How long is this path? Playing pooh sticks BOO! I don't know art...  

The Bs came to Belfast (6th April 2002)
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The Usual Suspects

It's the big fish

Look out Alan Titchmarsh


... and down

Toddling along

Uncle Geoff teaching Shea bad habits


Hello up there

On the boat

Smile please

Harland's shipyard


Hello down there


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